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My Story…

For almost all of my life I've had headaches. When my allergies were awful before high school, I always had sinus headaches. Eventually I realized my sinuses were clear, but I was still getting headaches. In the summer of 2012 I finally went to a neurologist and started my Migraine Journey. I've been through too many medications to remember or count and my pain is not "cured." I have pain 24/7 that fluctuates in quality and intensity.

In August 2017 I started Botox to help stop my nerves from feeling the constant pain, and while my pain is not anywhere from being cured, it's better than it was before. I've tried many more meds since then that have not helped, I regularly do physical therapy for my neck and shoulders, I often wear light sensitivity glasses, and I use a nerve stimulation device on my forehead to stimulate and desensitize my trigeminal nerves to try to lessen the pain. I am still in constant pain and have lost many days to lying in bed, waiting until I can be more active again, or at least not have to struggle through the pain.

I hope one day migraines will be even better understood and better treated, but for now we still have so much to learn. Your donation will help fund the research to better understand the mechanisms of migraines and provide relief for all migraineurs in the world.


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